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The SAVE program, Prescott Chapter, is an Arizona non-profit organization that brings professionals
in direct contact with students in need of support. The ultimate goal of SAVE-Prescott is to prevent
violence in schools by increasing overall awareness and optimizing communication between students,
parents, and professionals.

If you are interested in contributing to the success of the SAVE program, please click here.

If you are a professional who is interested in donating their services to the SAVE program,
please see our How You Can Help page and fill out a printable consent form so that we may
contact you at your convenience. (The consent form, a PDF file, opens in new window.)

        Major Components of SAVE-Prescott
  • Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) students taking a stand against violence
  • Professionals concerned about our kids' safety and development give unselfishly of their time.
    Community professionals are the foundation and strength of the SAVE program.
  • PUSD officials lend total support to the SAVE program.
  • SAVE-Prescott, Inc. qualifies as a non-profit corporation.
    Trustees and all other affiliates of the program vow not to have salaried positions.
  • The Prescott Daily Courier, through its management and staff, will print the names
    of professionals,companies, and all other supporters who commit to the SAVE program.
  • Thousands of local students will be served by the SAVE program. For students in need of
    assistance, there will be no charge to them or their families.
  • PUSD will appoint a coordinator who will connect professionals with students
    in need of services.
  • The SAVE program's Board of Trustees will endeavor to support and market the SAVE
    program to ensure its success in assisting students taking a stand against violence.
  • The SAVE program commits itself to student safety and promotes student development
    within the PUSD system, one student at a time.

      SAVE-Prescott, Inc. * PHONE: (928) 445-5400 * 146 South Granite St., Prescott, AZ 86303

      FAX: (928) 541-2288